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Mandatory Disclosure Statement

  • Certified Criteria

§ 170.315(a)(1)         Computarized provider order entry (CPOE)- Medications

§ 170.315(a)(2)         Computarized provider order entry (CPOE)- Laboratory

§ 170.315(a)(3)         Computarized provider order entry (CPOE)- Radiology

§ 170.315(a)(5)         Demographics

§ 170.315(a)(12)       Family Health History

§ 170.315(a)(14)       Implantable Device List

§ 170.315(d)(1)         Authentication, Access Control, Authorization

§ 170.315(d)(2)c       Auditable Events and Tamper-Resistance (Cures Update)

§ 170.315(d)(3)c       Audit Report(s) (Cures Update)

§ 170.315(d)(4)         Amendments

§ 170.315(d)(5)         Automatic Log-off

§ 170.315(d)(6)         Emergency Access

§ 170.315(d)(7)         End-user Device Encryption

§ 170.315(d)(8)         Integrity

§ 170.315(d)(9)         Trusted Connection

§ 170.315(d)(12)c     Encrypt Authentication Credentials

§ 170.315(d)(13)c     Multi-Factor Authentication

§ 170.315(g)(3)         Safety-enhanced Design

§ 170.315(g)(4)         Quality Management System

§ 170.315(g)(5)         Accessibility-centered Design

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