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AI and advanced analytics:

Use the insights you gain from artificial intelligence and analytics to help you identify patterns and implement improvements in your operational processes and clinical workflows.

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) strategy: Unlock your data with FHIR and securely exchange your data across systems. Microsoft is dedicated to helping improve healthcare through widespread interoperability. We advocate for the adoption of FHIR as a healthcare common standard.

Security: Built with cybersecurity and threat defense, DoctorHelper® lets you securely connect your data across systems. Microsoft is deeply committed to interoperability in healthcare, and Microsoft invests over $1 billion USD annually in security.

Compliance information regulation: Meet your compliance obligations with integrated solutions that help you assess and manage your risk, protect sensitive and business-critical data, and respond efficiently to data discovery requests.

From care delivery to supply chain management,  DoctorHelper®, along with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, helps you achieve the interoperability you need to streamline efficiency and efficacy across your entire organization.

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